The Process

How We Work

So, how does this all work? What does the process look like?

  1. After the small talk is over, we have had a chance to get to know each other a bit, and you agree to the terms, the party starts!
  2. Get us a copy of your schematic.
  3. We enter the schematic into our CAD, then kick back a copy to you, at which point you verify that it was entered 100% accurately.
  4. We talk about the weather, guitars and goodies, Jesus, whatever. Maybe have a beer if you live locally. Maybe become best buds; it has happened a few times!
  5. We start the board layout. During this process, we will probably have a bunch of questions that you will need to answer. For example:
    • What size capacitors are you going to use (just ask Mzo.Effects about this)?
    • What order of the knobs do you prefer?
    • Where do you want the LED?
  6. We send you a picture of the board layout from our CAD. You take a little bit to study it and get back to us. We want you to think of things like:
    • Is this going to be easy to assemble and solder?
    • Is there enough room for the components (e.g. – capacitors, ICs, transistors)?
    • Does the board appear to fit nicely in the enclosure?
    • What’s the next project we want to do so we can continue this awesome partnership with delyk PCBs?
  7. Approval time! If everything appears to be rocktastic, we send you the invoice.
  8. Upon payment of the invoice, we send you the digital files.
  9. Using the digital files, you order the PCBs from a fabrication house.
  10. When the PCBs show up at your door, you verify the board by creating a full prototype.
  11. You write a raving and glowing review of delyk PCBs, then shout from the rooftops that you will do business again with us.


Great! But how much do you cost?

We do not know of many “competitors” out there doing what we do. We know of Pepers’ Pedals. Tony and we are pretty good internet buds. After talking with each other, we found out that our prices are the same! Send us an email to start the conversation. We can tell you this: some have said that we are definitely underpriced.

Do I get to keep the Gerbers?

When all is said and done, and the invoice is paid, you receive all digital files. Et voilà! Business is concluded and you are now the proud owner of the PCB layout.

Do you provide the PCBs?

No, and we don’t want to, either. Sure, we could make more money by forcing you to purchase your PCBs from us, but we just do not have the time or storage to keep up with the oodles of PCBs we have designed for clients over the years.

OK, so if you do not provide the PCBs, where do I get them?

That is completely up to you. Some of the main places we use are OSH Park, seeed studio, and JLCPCB. But guess what?! We’re going to walk you through the entire ordering process and guide you, should you need the assistance.

What happens if the prototype does not work or needs MODIFICATIONs?

This part is a hair tricky. This is why we send things to you before completion for your verification.

The onus is on me if:

  • The PCB does not fit properly.
  • There is an error in the PCB layout itself, such as a missing trace.

Otherwise, the onus is on you and would require additional billable hours.

Man, I cannot get this prototype to work. Can you troubleshoot it?

We are going to help you the best we can remotely. In rare circumstances, we may be able to assist, but this will be based upon current workload and things going on in personal life.

Do you provide a drill template?

Yes! And it is even to scale!

Do you do enclosure design?

No way. You would not want us to. A stick figure would look better than our artistic ability.

I need help designing a circuit. Can you help?

Not so much. We honestly do not have the time for the full R&D package. If this is something you truly need, may I suggest Aion Electronics? Kevin is ace and honestly, he makes us look like n00bz.

Will you tell others that we are working together?

I would love to! However, we will only do this if you allow it. Take a look at our clients, and you will see a list of happy customers that are willing to associate their name with ours. Pretty. Cool.

Will you sign a non-disclosure AGREEMENT (NDA)?

No. Why? Is there something super-secretive you’re trying to hide? Life is busy enough for us to worry about sharing your secrets with others. In the About Us page, we talk about having integrity. We mean it.

Our Clients

Kyle is not only a terrific PCB designer, he has become a valued friend. I’ve thrown quite a few challenging designs his way, and he’s completed every one admirably, even designing a single “master” PCB for a 5 effect package with giant (and I mean GIANT) capacitors. He’s dedicated, excels at his craft, and I cannot think of a better partner for Mzo.Effects.

Justin TenCate / Mzo.Effects

Pro… Pro all the way. delyk went through every aspect of our circuit and made sure our boards are orientated toward each control for better routing and neater overall wiring! Most design guys will take your idea and throw it into a layout. At delyk, they focus on every detail to make the absolute best designed layout.

Sean Wright / Lollygagger FX

I had previously built dozens of pedals utilizing commercially available PCBs from several sources. Kyle was able to take my wishlist of features and make them into a working project that exceeded my expectations for form and function. Kyle is a master at finding simple and elegant solutions that can help your projects stand out from the crowd.

Jason Gortney / JEGuitars

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