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2nd Chorale PCB



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The pedal worked on the first try after I built it with all of the mods and it sounds great. I've built about 12 pedals prior, but this was the first pcb from Delyk pcbs.

I would rate the difficulty as a "Medium" due to the higher parts count that comes with modulation effects, as opposed to fuzzes and other projects that don't have IC's.

You also have to solder the resistors vertically, which can be tricky but was a smart move because it saves a lot of space so that you can easily house it in a 125B-style enclosure with all of the mods.

Though unnecessary, I used a 3pdt board from another manufacturer to keep the wiring to a minimum. Delyk offers their own so I'd suggest buying one if you're going to build this project.


Clear markings on the pcb, detailed build documents, fit nicely into a smaller enclosure.


A higher parts-count, vertical resistors, and components very close together on the pcb made building it tricky, so take your time. I would suggest maybe two or three builds before attempting this one. Silly putty is your friend for keeping components in place. 😉