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Conductor's Hand



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This was a relatively simple and straightforward build. I opted to make the 5-knob variation and use up some of my solder lug pots.

Perfect for a 125b enclosure with plenty of room for open jacks on top. I prefer to use Lumberg 9v DC jacks because I don't use batteries, but there was still enough room for a standard Boss style jack if everything is measured carefully.

The pedal sounds great. It doesn't have any noise issues, the controls are very responsive, and it was not hard to find an optimal setting. Great for people who need compression but don't like the overtly compressed effect sound.


Everything is laid out really well on the PCB and populating the board went quickly. Minimal wires.

As previously mentioned, it is a great-sounding and versatile compressor. No need to hunt down obsolete IC's for this build.

I highly recommend using his 3PDT boards for the build to keep things nice and tidy inside.


None. Just make sure that you use a drilling template when drilling out the enclosure!