About Us

The “ugly ass logo” above has been an inside joke in the DIY community. It is now a symbol of quality and kindness.

Our History

Who We Are

Our History

Home Etching

I bought my first set of copper clad laminate boards in September 2013. All I wanted to do was build a Brown Sound in a Box II because I loved the sound of my Marshall JCM2000. Little did I know of the rabbit hole I would follow. After hours of frustration with home etching and the troubleshooting involved, I had an idea…


What if I built a PCB that I could hook up to each effect and determine if it worked, without the need to put it in an enclosure? I designed the Effects Tester (Mk I), and after showing the community, people wanted to buy it. Therefore, I came up with delyk PCBs and continued to layout and release circuit boards. My first order was on July 1, 2015.

I tried to fill a niche. My first layouts were designed to cram as much as possible into small boards, allowing for smaller pedals such as 1590A or 1590LB. Now, I do a variety of mini, small, and normal.

Who We Are

Christian. Husband. Father.

I’m Kyle.

While the above three words are not adjectives, they not only describe me in order of importance but also impact every aspect of my life. They also attribute to the integrity of delyk PCBs.

Some may call me unwise for blatantly stating that I’m a Christian. That’s ok. It is because of Christ that I attempt to run delyk PCBs with honesty and honor. Will I make mistakes? Oh man, you bet! But I will do what I can to make it right.

“For I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God that brings salvation to everyone who believes: first to the Jew, then to the Gentile.”
Romans 1:16

I’m also one of the admins for the Facebook “super” group DIY STOMPBOXES(unofficial). If you ever need help, that’s the place I highly suggest. The guys in there are brilliant.

Special Thanks



It may seem insincere; it is not. I couldn’t keep this going if it weren’t for y’all buying my wares and services. THANK! YOU!

Lee Callaghan

Fuzz Dog

When I was a wee pup, Fuzz Dog took me under his paw and taught me the ways of EAGLE CAD. Even though, in a small way, it was like helping a “competitor,” he still did it. I’m honored to call him friend.

Das Musikding

I never thought someone would not only resell my boards, but also create kits out of them. A giant thank you to Das Musikding for putting their trust in me.

Alex Millar

Zander Circuitry

This cool dude has helped me greatly with this website and the logo.


How many companies endorse their “competitors?” We don’t think we would be showing as much integrity as we could if we did not tell you guys about other PCB retailers that we trust and suggest. We totally understand if you decide to purchase from them instead of us.

Fuzz Dog


Aion FX